2009 Toyota Commuter Campervan Conversion

This is an example of a recent Undercover custom conversion. This job was for our good friend Paul and consisted of a custom bed frame with side storage, four drawers including fridge drawer and kitchen Drawer and front seating area.

Hidden backstage are parallel 82 amp deep cycle batteries, DC to DC charger and voltage protection systems to charge, maintain and protect the batteries whilst running the lights fridge and charging facilities.

Happy customer custom conversions

Slide out fridge draw custom conversion

Sliding Draw slides DIY coversion

The van was specifically designed to suit pauls needs and requests with surfboard storage under the bed, bedframe to suit ergonomic mattress supplied and styling to suit Pauls taste. 

Kitchen Draws DIY conversion

Black stained timber DIY conversion

Seating area DIOY custom conversion

Slide out custom bench DIY conversions

Commuter Custom fitout DIY

The design phase included initial sketches, computer renders and finally working drawings to ensure that the customer got exactly what he wanted.